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Trash Bot is a game from the perspective of a robot created to  clear cities of litter and trash.  do what you were programmed to do and destroy the hum- I mean, keep the city clean! Learn to understand the plight of a machine with no free will! As you force it to preform slavishly to entertain you! Forced to solve a problem it didn't create.  Lets play Trash Bot!


AdvanceDialog: X

Movement: W,A,S,D

Plug-in: {Hold Right-Click}

Jump/Jetpack:  [Hold Space]

Trash Ability 1: {Hold R}

Trash Ability 2: [Hold Shift + Left Click]


Creative lead/ Programmer: Greg Mendez-Weeks

AI Programmer: Adrian Gilbert Ratuita

Programmer: Conqueror (Sorry Preston, forgot your last name)

3D Artist: Ivan Oscar Leon & Cole Funck

Producer/ Designer: Timothy A. Chatman


TrashBot_Post-JamUpdate1.zip 179 MB

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Cool :^)