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Hello swingers! Who's ready for a race?! My name is Gobby Gobbins, chief broadcaster of the Intergalactic space race Grand Prix!  Join us live as our group of elite racers prepare for action!

Hangtime is a first person multiplayer racing game that encourages  the player to make their own way to each and every checkpoint. There is no wrong way to race in Hangtime!  Just lock in and get ready to swing!


  • Grappling Hook-  It's one thing to win a foot race, but can you win a grappling hook race?! Use your hook however you can.  Toggle between a pull and swing option! Use the grapple to get to hard  to reach spaces or sling yourself though the air.
  • Freedom of movement- Although the hook is a core part of our movement system its not the only tool that you can use to win. While running you have the ability to slide along the ground. While jumping you can double jump! Feel like you wanna reach the ground faster? Don't worry increase your fall speed by holding the same button you'd use for sliding!
  • Follow Orb - While you race the Follow orb K1-55 will be flying all over the map dropping checkpoints for the racers to collect before going for the win!

    Development Team:

    Timothy Chatman - Project Manager & Lead Designer

    Luke Goldfain - Lead Programmer &  Gameplay Designer

    Eric Lovelock - Designer

    Kyler Fleming- Environment Artist

    Sunnie Farrar - Character Artist

    Alex Gallanis - Character Artist

    Ami Patel - Audio Lead & Dialogue Lead

    James Post - Sound Effects Lead

    Cole Krueger - Music & Mixing Lead

    Adrian Burk - Sound Designer

    Music By: Ryan Redebaugh

    The game is best experienced with several game pads (controllers) in the mix So grab a friend or three and enjoy!


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    Hangtime_Mac 1.0.app.zip 234 MB

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